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Training Services

IMS offers nationally accredited training services.

IMS offers nationally accredited training services to help you train new staff and keep current staff up to date.
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IMS recruiting services.

Finding the right staff is more then finding someone who can do particular job, they need to fit into and get along with the people in your organisation.
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IMS consultancy.

We can provide experienced advice and guidance to help your business grow to the level that you desire.
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Get the IMS Edge

With over 15 years industry experience our consultants and supervisors are available to assist your business in reaching its potential.

Do you want the support that major companies have to enhance your business?

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Latest Company News

Australian Institute of Mining & Safety Launches the DENCRA Principle

Sun, 23 March 2014

The institute has launched the DENCRA Principle with great success over the past 12 months.

The principle combines a number of processes that many may have treated separately in the past. We have combined LEAN, Risk Management, Competency and Human Factor tools and built them into a system that coaches team inclusiveness and communication.

Our system does not have the need to change work models that are already established in an organisation it simply combines existing processes and packages them into a system that provides strategic direction and clarity to all employees throughout the organisation.

Clients using the Dencra Principle have been experiencing significant results in the following areas-

- Increased availability of plant and systems
- Increased employee participation and team involvement
- Decreased hours and duration of maintenance downtime
- Increased productivity
- Standardisation of work practices and employee training processes
- Documented work instruction, competency assessment and compliance

If you would like more information on the DENCRA Principle please visit or contact our office

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