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First Attack Fire Fighting

Course Description - This course provides comprehensive data to allow participants to develop an understanding of fire and associated dangers. It identifies various types of fires, the relevant type of equipment to use on each and the practical operation of the various types of firefighting equipment installed in your premises.


Course Objectives:
- Define the types of workplace fires
- Identify the types of extinguishers and hose reels installed in the workplace
- Describe safe working practices
- Identify the limitations of first attack firefighting equipment
- Define the application techniques for hose reels, fire blankets and fire extinguishers
- Identify the specific dangers associated with first attack firefighting
- Implement after use requirements

- Instruction and use of fire extinguishers to extinguish various types of fires
- Instruction and operation of fire hose reels and fire blankets to extinguish fire (where applicable).
Course Duration - Approximately 2 hours
Session Times - See individual session dates
Cost - Price on application
Requirements - None

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